Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In the Midst of Superheroes

I live in the midst of super heroes.

Super heroes who listen to the birthday card playing the Superman theme over and over again, practicing their most super of super hero poses.

Super heroes who, while in their everyday alter ego clothes, point to themselves and say, "Me?  A super hero?  How silly of you."

Super heroes who capture my heart with their imagination...

...And practice their every-improving flying skills.

Super heroes who have little brothers who are skeptical of their special powers.

It's safe to say that their powers and skills do not include dressing themselves in socially-acceptable outfits.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Turning thirty-five has thrown me for a loop in a big way.


My mother, bless her heart, gave me a gift for this birthday, with the biggest mother love you could imagine.

It's my high school senior picture taken seventeen years ago.


That's exactly what I needed.  My ego begged to be reminded that I'm not eighteen anymore, you know, just in case the droopy-cellulite-stretch-marked-after-having-five-children-who-deliberately-displaced-all-of-my-internal-organs-body wasn't a reminder enough.

My eighteen-year-old self, now leaning against my bedroom wall, mocks me.  Constantly.

Thanks, Mom.

And if the picture isn't enough, let's talk about the pieces of shining silver that have appeared in the mirror's distorted reflection.  Honestly, those shouldn't...couldn't... be there.  I'm still young.  I'm still hip... in a turn the music down, driving a massive SUV while toting kids around kind of way.

{I can almost hear her carefree
 laughter at me.}

I feel like the bride of Frankenstein.  I stand at the mirror with tweezers in hand ready to pounce on those living proofs of my age.  They keep coming back with all of their friends, and none of them were invited in the first place.

How rude.

When I asked Hubs this morning if he liked my hair, he responded, "Yes!"

Smart man.

And then he added, "I especially like all of the gray highlights you've been adding lately."

Not so smart man.  And they're not gray.  They're silver... and sparkly.

Time to pull out the magic that's found in the hair-color aisle in Walmart.

Thank You, Lord, for Clairol, L'oreal, and/or Nice 'n' Easy.

At this point, I'm not so picky.

Monday, April 7, 2014

What the Veteran Home Schoolers Never Told Me...

When we decided to home school our children many moons ago, one of my dear friends, who was a veteran, assured me that it really wasn't that hard.

Because I was starting with kindergarten, she said, all we really had to do was stick a seed in a Styrofoam cup with dirt and water it every once in a while and voila! there was kindergarten.

Even though we started kindergarten in the midst of our third baby making an unexpected arrival four weeks early and two house moves and me literally reading Ramona and Beezus aloud while I was asleep (true story), we made it.  And while we did a little more than just growing a bean plant that year, it was pretty smooth and (dare I say it?) fun.

But somewhere along our eight-year-journey, I realized that there were some things that I hadn't been told about this whole gig.

Oh, you know, things like the bane of my existence, glitter.  Everywhere.  And play-doh?  Ugh, don't even go there.

Or strange things in my refrigerator that are fuzzy and green and... growing.

Let's not forget the family vacations that get hijacked by "learning opportunities" because we homeschooling mamas are a strange breed that just can't let any opportunity slip by.

How about an Amazon wishlist that's a mile long filled with school books that just make it onto our already groaning-under-the-sheer-weight-of-their-burden bookshelves?

And the strange compulsion that we have to save thousands of toilet paper rolls and egg cartons, you know, "just in case we might need them someday"?


We are peculiar creatures, we home schoolers.

But the laughter that we share?

And the beauty we create?

And the relationships we get to nurture?

It makes up for all the glitter and play-doh and mounds of coffee beans consumed and the late night copy store runs and science supply trips to the grocery store where you accidentally get sidetracked on the nail polish aisle, because frankly, you really have been with the kids all day and you're starting to say things like, "Did you hear what Mama said?" to your hubby, which happens to never be a good idea.

It totally makes up for it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

when i realized that life has to be lived

It's been moment by moment, with rogue birthday cards fluttering around the the house like tumble weeds in a ghost town and we've been just living.

I've looked at the last month in my mind's eye, mentally cataloging events, places, memories, filing them away for years down the road when I pull them out again, treasuring them.

Yet I ask the question, "What is it exactly that we've been doing this last month?"

We've been so busy, but doing what?



Some days, that just has to be enough.

We've really got little to show for the last month, at least to the naked eye.

But tucked away in the corners of our hearts and the recesses of our minds, we hold the memories of books read, lives celebrated, school days filled to the brim, friends and family gathered around us, blessing us by coming along and living their lives in tandem with our's.

And while I can't say that I've been missing from the blogosphere for any grand life-altering reason, I've been away for small life-altering reasons...

...the chance to breathe and live.

Photo: Celebrating another year with my favorite people. I'm so very thankful! #oneblessedlady

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thoughts on a Sunrise Or the Revelation of Light

I sat at our table this morning, slowly drinking my coffee and reading through my Bible study and Lent reading, but I kept getting distracted as the light in the eastern sky gradually changed.

At first, everything was black and gray, lifeless, vague and indistinct.  Objects were there, familiar to my eyes but still quite indistinct and without variation.

As the soft morning sun began to spread it's life-giving light to the world around me, things changed, almost imperceptibly at first, then rushed as if it couldn't hold back any longer.

Suddenly, everything was alive.  The exquisite beauty of the different shades of green on each of the trees appeared and pierced me.  I was awe-struck with the depth of the colors and spectrum that they embraced.  There was beauty everywhere, having been created, but without light to show it off.

The sunlight also revealed the glaring flaws of a worn-down fence, weeds and repair work needing to be done to the house.  When the darkness prevailed, it was hidden away, no one could notice the obvious work that needs to be done.  It was easy to pretend that it wasn't there.  It couldn't be fixed without the light.

We are like that, you and I.  Capable of exquisite variation and beauty endowed by our Creator, but without Him, most of it will remain hidden, tucked away without the joy of it being revealed.  We need Him to infuse us with His light to reveal the beauty that He created in us.

And, yes, we need Him to reveal the flaws... so that they can be fixed.  Without His light, we stumble around, weighed down in the muck and mire, without hope of being cleaned up and fixed.  We need Him to infuse us with His light to reveal the flaws in us.

Isn't it right that the first thing He spoke into existence, beginning the existence of time, is light?

And what does He refer to Himself as?  The Light.

Happy day to you, sweet reader.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Choose This Day...

There is still laundry on my couch from three days ago.  Not folded... strewn about... all of those socks are sure to miss their mates and I will silently call curses down upon them.

There are macaroni and cheese boxes in the recycling and that horrible cheese powder on my counter.

There are birthday parties to plan, dinners to cook, diapers to change.

And I am the bone-weary exhausted that comes from the loveliness of motherhood.

I choose this life.  Deliberately, passionately, with both feet in and a heart full of purpose.

We tuck their bodies in under the sheets at night, ready to tuck away the noise and the chaos and the incessant questions, glad for the relief, the quiet, the peace.

We sit there and regroup, chuckling with each other over the funny things said, bemoaning the bickering, joining forces for another day of this tomorrow.

And I think, surely I can't do this again tomorrow.  I'm tired.  What I wouldn't give for a day with a clean suburban... house... kitchen.

But I can and I will.

I made this choice and there are no regrets.

In the monotony of the mess of the everyday, I am changing eternity.

I love this life.

It's much too long since I've been writing, but I'm back for today, courtesy of Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday. It feels good to be here, my friends.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

G'bye Ka-Queen - A Sad Story.

This is Jack.  He really, really, really loves his Lightning McQueen.

No, I mean really.

It's pretty adorable.  You know, in a toddler-obsessive-compulsive way.

One day it was Ka-Queen this and Ka-Queen that.

The next day he asked for his McQueen, sans the "Ka" and saying it correctly.

And that's sad.  Very, very sad.

I may have even wiped away a tear or two.

Why does he do this to me?
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