Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Year in Pinterest - 2012

I caved.  Several months ago, I kept coming across Pinterest on blogs and was determined to stay away.  I need no more reasons to be on the computer and I was scared that I'd quickly become addicted.  Then, I though, "What the heck!", which is not the best response I'll admit, but it's worked out quite fantastic!  I got a ton of ideas for the holidays, as well as for household decor ideas, which I'll share later.

All that to say, Pinterest and I have a very loving relationship.  Nothing like stalking or obsessive.  Just repectful and mutually loving.

The other day, I was blog hopping and came across The Modest Mom's idea of making a plan on using some of the ideas she had pinned on her boards throughout the year.  This way, she has a plan and accountablity to her readers.  I loved, loved, LOVED this idea.  So, of course, I copy-catted (yup, new word) so that y'all could keep me accountable, too.

For January, from the Purl Bee:

I'm thinking of stitching words in black floss on them them, like "love" or "P+J".  I want to do them this month so that I have them ready for Valentine's Day.

For February, this flower scarf from Watch Me Daddy:
Pinned Image

It's perfect for springtime!  I would love to make one of these in every color of the rainbow for the entire year.

For March from Frugal Decor Mom:

Our spice cupboard is overflowing because we love to cook so much.  This project is perfect because not only do we have baby food jars coming out the wazoo (boy, that kid loves to eat), but it uses chalkboard paint, which I absolutely adore!  So easy and cute.

For April from How Does She:
Pinned Image

My poor, poor neglected car needs one of these.  Or maybe ten.

For May, this rag rug from Rags by Sock Monkey:

Pinned Image

My girls really, really, really need one of these for their room.

For June, these sweet ice-cream bowls from The Tum-Tum-Tree:
I'm so in love with these!  We have to come up with all sorts of new things to get us through the long Arizona summers.

For July, these frozen strawberry drinks from Heather Ross:

Pinned Image

Again, anything to get us through these furnace-like summer months.

For August from
Pinned Image

I love the simplicity of this design!  It would be perfect in a master bedroom.  I might put our wedding date on the bottom.

For September, these adorable paper bag houses from Snippety Gibbet:

All of my kids would love these!  I'll love seeing how each of them personalize it for their own.

For October from the Origami Resource Center:

Pinned Image

I can't resist this!  It's perfect for all the gatherings we have at our house during the holidays.

For November, this heavenly goodness from The Blue-Eyed Bakers:

Pinned Image

As in Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts kinda goodness.  Oh, yeah, Baby!

For December, I can't get enough of these from Dear Lillie:
Pinned Image

My tree would be filled pretty fast!  I love the simplicity of these.

So this is my year in Pinterest, plus any others that I will find myself wanting having to make because they're just so darn cute!

You guys keep me accountable, m'kay?!


  1. Ooh! Those are some good picks sister! What a great idea.

  2. Ohhhh, I am addicted to pinterest as well. And you chose some awesome goodies for the year!

  3. Love those! That toilet paper origami is hilarious! Lisa~


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