Friday, March 9, 2012

Judah Turns Three!

I've been assaulted with memories over the past few hours.  Y'all know me, the sentimental fool that I am.

Today Judah turns three.

I think about how God gave me his name with such certainty and strength months before he was born.

I can't help but remember the contractions starting one Sunday night, then stopping.  So I ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich and watched M*A*S*H.  Then they started again.  (Big oops for someone who knows she's having a c-section.)

Then waking up in the middle of the night clutching the headboard during a bigger contraction but trying not to wake up hubby.

Then there was the trip in the middle of the night to the hospital.  This was really happening!

A little while later, we were the parents of another bouncing, baby boy with dimples and huge brown eyes.  I was smitten.

He's always had a little different personality from his big brother and sisters, although they all share the same compassionate and loving heart.

For instance, he's the only one to have decided that crayons make a good breakfast.

Or that a day's activities should include unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper.  (Yes, I should have, could have stopped him, but he was so darn cute!)

But he has a smile that kills and an overwhelmingly loving personality.  This Mama has to work to be firm with him when he's being naughty and then he looks at me with those melted-chocolate eyes of his.

He and his big brother are best buddies and love being together.  I'm constantly amazed at how much they love each other.  Isn't that the dream of every Mama, to have children who are each other's best friends?

And it won't be long until this guy joins the Musketeers.   His big brother, Judah, loves him to pieces, always trying to "help" (we all know what that means) Mama with him.

Our days would be so boring without him making us laugh uproariously.  Whether it's him reciting one of the many movie lines he's memorized or him trying to make a bad joke and then laughing himself, which makes us laugh, we love our Judah-boy.

Like I've said before,  we will be going the "courtship" route with all of our children, so if you're interested in securing this little guy for your sweet princess, get your name in now and I'll put you on the list. (hee, hee)

I mean, look at him.  How could you not want this guy for your son-in-law?

Happy birthday, Son!  May God bless you abundantly with lots of Dairy Queen softserve in this next year. 

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet Judah! You're as handsome as they come!


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