Friday, February 28, 2014

Choose This Day...

There is still laundry on my couch from three days ago.  Not folded... strewn about... all of those socks are sure to miss their mates and I will silently call curses down upon them.

There are macaroni and cheese boxes in the recycling and that horrible cheese powder on my counter.

There are birthday parties to plan, dinners to cook, diapers to change.

And I am the bone-weary exhausted that comes from the loveliness of motherhood.

I choose this life.  Deliberately, passionately, with both feet in and a heart full of purpose.

We tuck their bodies in under the sheets at night, ready to tuck away the noise and the chaos and the incessant questions, glad for the relief, the quiet, the peace.

We sit there and regroup, chuckling with each other over the funny things said, bemoaning the bickering, joining forces for another day of this tomorrow.

And I think, surely I can't do this again tomorrow.  I'm tired.  What I wouldn't give for a day with a clean suburban... house... kitchen.

But I can and I will.

I made this choice and there are no regrets.

In the monotony of the mess of the everyday, I am changing eternity.

I love this life.

It's much too long since I've been writing, but I'm back for today, courtesy of Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday. It feels good to be here, my friends.


  1. This post is beautiful. I love how you took the word and made it your own. I love how it feels like you are saying, while this life you have chosen is beautiful and hard and tiring, every morning you gladly choose it again. Love this post. Glad you are writing again.

    1. Thank you so very much!! And, yes, that's exactly right. That's what I'm saying every morning.

  2. Smelly, Weary, Impatient, Lonely, Exhausting and Frustrating. I understand! But lovely...? absolutely!

    Like you, I wouldn't have it any other way :-)

    1. Oh, so very lovely. And smelly indeed!

  3. Lovely blog lady, new follower, also following you on Pinterest and twitter
    Do you write poetry

    1. Wow, thank you, Eve! I am not a poet, couldn't stand it in school, but am gradually learning to love it. Being a voracious reader, I think poetry will help round me out a bit... not that I need help being more round. ;)


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