Thursday, April 24, 2014


Easter is near and dear to my heart.  I think that God is so good and loving to us to have put Easter right in the midst of spring.

And for creating Reese's peanut butter eggs.  Amen.

One of our family's traditions (and when I say our family's what I really mean is mine and the others tromp along in wretched moods, panicking that their candy will be stolen by some rogue candy snatcher) is the post-Easter service/Easter egg hunt family pictures.

I love it.  They hate it from the depths of the candy-induced-coma-hearts.

How could I ask it of them?

{insert maniacal laugh here}

This year when I was trying to wrangle all of the kids into some semblance of an acceptable pose and Hubby was quietly slinking away eager to escape the coming debacle, I just kept snapping away trying to get one good one of them in their coordinating outfits.  

And of course we all know that twenty years down the road they will all thank me for the hours and dollars I spent trying to get them all coordinated.

Or maybe they'll pick out a not so nice nursing home to torture me for a change.  Maybe all of the residents there will have to wear coordinating outfits.

Nope.  Not one good one.

Maybe I'll make the boys wear pink next year just to repay them.


  1. Hey sweetie friend, it has been sometime since i have come to say hello! Life has been so life!!!!!! Working outside the home does have it's not getting to visit blogs! Just had to say that your family is beautiful!!!!! Can't believe the little one is so big! Awwww where does the time go? Well, God bless......until next time I get to come over and say hello! Hugs from my farm to your home! Linda

  2. Hi, Miss Linda!! Thank you so much for stopping by! And yes, they truly are beautiful. I'm so blessed!


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