Tuesday, May 31, 2016

flying by the seats of our pants

Some years are good and smooth and lovely.  They might not be exactly easy, but life is do-able and you feel pretty on top of your game.  Kids leave the house with shoes on both feet, dinner is planned and in the crockpot and your children can answer the first twenty questions to the Westminster Catechism when prompted.  Boo-yah.

We have had about two years of not smooth and not on top of our game.  Hence, the long blogging break.  We have had health scares, a new job for my hubs complete with a massive increase in responsibility, surprise house guests, extra curricular activities, dental issues, an unusable kitchen, car issues, a major surprise renovation to our basement school room due to (gulp) mold and even now as I write this, my cheeks are still swollen from my wisdom teeth extraction.

This is the season where we are learning to fly by the seat of our pants.  And because I'm not naturally fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person, this is new territory.  It's kinda making me squirm, but I'm learning.

And if you're in that season, too, my friend, and when you're not a natural fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person, you can learn it, too.

These are the years that it feels like there is no break, no time to breathe or regroup.  There are days when getting through the dirty dishes feels like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  Days when you can see that the likelihood of getting a nap in the next week is as likely as finding an oasis in the Sahara. Days when the most exciting thing to happen was that you met the mailman at the door and engaged in 4.3 seconds of adult communication.

It happens.  For reals.

It's completely natural to get overwhelmed in these seasons.  Believe me, I know, as I sit here with my still-chipmunk-y cheeks.  This girl knows where you're coming from.

You are not alone.  And you can do this.

Know why?  Because He sustains us.  Whatever your craziness is, He has gone before you.  By His grace we have every single breath.  We have every single moment because of His great love for us.

This is just a season.  It may be relatively short, it may feel way to long, but the wonderful things about seasons is that they change.

And we get to change with them.

Look around you.  What sort of new growth is He inspiring and causing in this time for you?

It's there, if you give it a chance to grow.  And it's altogether lovely, dear one.

(one of the sweetest times in the last two years for us)

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