Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Our Surprise Schoolroom Renovation

Surprise!  We found mold!

Oh, dear.  This was not what we were expecting this summer.  And all because I was tired of handwashing all the dishes after 3 months.

You see, our old dishwasher is the reason why our entire basement is now being renovated.

There was the teeniest-weeniest leak behind our refrigerator.  A leak that had been leaking for three years.  Three years.  When the new, beautiful functional dishwasher was installed, the water line that had a small leak burst and voila!  That set into motion the domino effect that is our new summer adventure.

Our school room is directly underneath the kitchen...and the leak.

And then, right next door to the school room is our guest room with a full bath.  And guess what we found in the wall between the school room and the bathroom?  Oh, yes, mold.  Oh, dear.

The project has now grown.  The entire basement is now being renovated.  Bathroom is being almost gutted and the guest room ready for our boys to move downstairs.

There goes our nice, quiet summer.

Once the shock wore off, though, let's just say the excitement of a renovation project kicked in.  The Pinterest board was overloaded and the ideas started rolling in.

But, first, before pictures needed to be taken...

We know that many homeschooling families would love to have a room to do all their schooling in, but let's be honest, this room has had issues. It has always been dark and dungeon-y.  The lighting has been terrible and depressing.  The built in bookshelves were really the main selling point of the entire house for us and they're not going anywhere, but they're getting a fresh coat of paint.

The toy bins are going adios! and a new cabinet is going in there.  There's new flooring, and lighting and (my absolutely favorite part) a happy, yellow reading chair and ottoman for Mama's reading nook.

That alone is worth all the fuss and bother.

I think this next school year is going to be pretty splendid.

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  1. Mold! Oh dear! I am sorry to hear that. We haven't discovered any in our new to us home yet (also three years) but I won't be surprised if we find some - sounds like it is an on going find on many old new homes. It's been a while since I last blogged as well. My girl just got married last week. It's been a crazy month and I totally got it why you needed a reset button! Praying your basement project will be done smoothly and that you will be able to get a small break before school starts again. :)


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