Monday, June 20, 2016

When You're Given a Re-Set Button

None of us are allowed a do-over.  Our lives are lived once and there is no going back.

However, occasionally, we're allowed to push the reset button.  Sometimes we don't recognize for what it is.  We might actually fight against it with all of our hearts, not really seeing the opportunity that lies behind it.

When we pay attention, though, and get our minds off of our emotions and inconveniences that might come along with, we are given a beautiful insight into our Abba Father's heart for us.

Case in point:  Our basement.  With the surprise renovation.  After our worst school year ever.

Inside, I was throwing a spiritual hissy fit.  I was tired and inconvenienced by it all.

But do you know what He whispered gently into my ear one Sunday?  It was this, "Dear one, I.  Am.  Blessing.  You."

Darlin's, I was complaining as He was blessing me.

I desperately needed a reset button and  He was providing it for me.  This past school year has been the hardest for us in the ten years we've been homeschooling.  I couldn't even contemplate how we were going to do this next year.  The renovated schoolroom has been my reset button.

Maybe you need a reset button.  As in, really, really need.

Our God is so loving and gracious and all-knowing. Talk to Him, boldly sharing your need with Him.  He knows, dear one, but He delights in hearing your voice.  Ask Him to show you if this is a season of a reset.  I can't promise you that it is.  They don't always pop up when we think we need them the most.  But if it is, He will whisper it into our ears, if we ask.  He can open our eyes to things that looked like disasters but are really wonderful experiences that benefit us.

Trust that He is good and faithful and wise.  And thank Him that He is the God of the Reset Button.

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  1. Praise God for that RESET button. It's nice to be able to visit your website today and feel blessed. - Bee


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