Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Glamorous Homeschool Life Vol. I

Welcome to the first post in a series that I'm calling My Glamorous Homeschool Life.

If you don't teach your kids at home, perhaps you think that we sit around all day painting our nails and drinking coffee.  I don't know where you came up with that idea, but it's not the truth.

Well, maybe the coffee thing is right.  Whatever.

One of my desires for this series is to give us the ability to relate to each other (homeschooler or not) and enjoy some head nods of agreement and hearty chuckles.

Let's jump in with both feet, shall we?

With our homeschool year on break right now, we had the opportunity to slip away for the weekend with our church for family camp.  Like actual camping...sort of. Except that we had electricity, bathrooms and running water.  Hallelujah.

I would like to pause here and reminisce for a moment about the amazing trips we took the first couple of years we were married.  We actually visited the Eiffel Tower and toured the gardens at Versailles.

We flew to San Francisco because we could and visited the beaches of Cancun.  

It was amazing.

Our trips are still amazing, but for completely different reasons.

These days we travel with our ever faithful Poppy, a pop-up camper that miraculously sleeps all seven of us.  And as much as I'd love for her to be featured on Pinterest for her cuteness and stylish-ness, we all know that's not going to happen.  For her to be truly and deeply enjoyed, there must be children piled on top of each other, dirt covering the floor and stuff everywhere.

We obviously enjoyed her truly and deeply at family camp.

The accommodations are very different in these trips from our first trips, as is the entertainment.

Sitting and doing nothing is a rare occurrence.

A 100-foot slip and slide with friends might just be better than the beaches at Cancun.

We also eat differently than those other trips.  No wine or fancy meals here.  Just proud kids who decorate their own pancakes and then proceed to wolf them down so they can be free.

The vacations aren't as sophisticated as they used to be.

They're better.

Welcome to my glamorous homeschool life.


  1. Real life at its finest! I sometimes miss my world-traveling days, but this season I'm in right now is priceless!

  2. Yes, so true! I do miss the more exotic traveling, but this is a precious season that I won't get back.


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